Technical Know-How For Herbal Beer (TNHR191)

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Technical Know-How For Herbal Beer (TNHR191)

Technology Transfer Through technical knowHow report for Herbal Beer (TNHR191)

The Technical Know-How eReport for making Herbal Beer (TNHR191) at small scale is a self explanatory report in common man's language which throws light on almost all important factors and steps for manufacturing of above product. The report is an eReport which can be received instantly through online downloadable link OR as an email attachment. You can ask us to provide a CD of the same report, which we can send as a shipment/courier/parcel to your address.

The Technical Know-How Report contains information on almost every topic as below (where ever necessary):

1. Introduction of Product
2. Uses and application of the product
3. Formulation of the product
4. Step by step Manufacturing Guidance.
5. Necessary Do's before, during and after manufacturing of the product.
6. Necessary Do Not's before, during and after manufacturing of the product.
7. Inspection and Quality Control of the manufactured product.
8. Details of machines required.
9. Names of raw materials required with photos.
10.Physical and Chemical characteristics of the product.
11.Addresses of suppliers of raw materials.
12.Addressees of suppliers of machinery.
14.Address of report supplying company for future correspondence.

The main advantages of the report are as under:
1. This Technical Know-How eReport is easily and instantly receivable online.
2. This Technical Know-How eReport has been designed for common man.
3. This Technical Know-How eReport contains sufficient information on raw materials, formulations, processes and machinery.
4. This Technical Know-How eReport doe's not contain any unexplained raw material trade names (which otherwise favour particular companies only and they don't disclose actual name and nature of product).
5. This Technical Know-How eReport contains clear names of chemical raw materials which gives you opportunity to search the raw material suppliers at your native place easily
world over.
6. This Technical Know-How eReport is in simple language avoiding long chemistry reactions.
7. This Technical Know-How eReport is meant for small scale, low investment manufacturing.
8. This Technical Know-How eReport is receivable globally irrespective caste, color, creed, religion, region, language, gender, race, age & political thought.
9. This Technical Know-How eReport is a mode of technology transfer available on economic rates as the same was never this economic world over till date.

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