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jaytee industrial research and consultants provides small scale manufacturing technology transfer through fallowing digitally downloadable/through email receivable types of written stuff:(Note:You can ask us to send CD form of any document to your physical address through shipment/post , additional packaging and shipment/postage cost applicable)

a) Formulation document files
    ( Formulation document files are meant for existing manufacturers who know nature of materials, who need formula and manufacturing process hints 

b) Technical know-how reports

     (Technical know-how reports are Meant for common man or new enterpreneurs who need thorough knowledge about each raw material in detail with 
       pics and reference addresses of suppliers ,step after step manufaturing process with do`s and do not`s ,pictures of machines etc .

c) Formulation e-books
    ( Formulations e-books are meant for new and existing manufacturers to start /compare formulas, raw materials, process,to find and upgarde 
      knowledge and skill)

d) Prefeasibility industrial  project reports
( these are new business set-up idea generation reports for making any new business venture planing, activity nature, market scope, need of land , building, machinary, skilled labour, electricity, machines, water, financial and economic analysis , and annual running cost with profit calculatting machanism is mentioned in the report as apatern of each particular venture type, which can be utilised to make own final plan before entering set-up), you can choose and download soft copies of our industrial project reports and encyclopedias from www.projectreportsonline.in

e) Business start-up/business sucess ebooks
   Business start-up/business sucess ebooks are for new people who need to know procedure for registering of new venture and other aspects.

f) Manufacturing franchise 

  We jaytee industrial research & consultants (india) provide small scale manufacturing franchise for manufacturing various products in our Doctrz brand to clients world over, our francisee needs to deposit security, technical know-how fee and 2%-4% royalty on nett. profit after all unit running expenses/annum.we provide brand usage licence , manufacturing technical know-how report, and business promotion guidelines and updates on raw material and process to our clients under agreed terms of business.you can contact us through our website www.doctrzproducts.com for this faciality 

g) Expert guidance and practicle guidance: we source experts to provide on-site practicle training to your staff at your place for big projects, for which we charge our sourcing fee.

h) Sample inspection :You can send your desired product sample , which you want to manufacture for our inspection , to our head office or laboratory, we charge nominal inspection  fee of USD 25 (INR 1500) , and if we are able to provide the same formulation we charge formulation cost only then.


We provide these product manufacturing formulation documents eFiles / Product manufacturing Technical knowhow eReports for basic initial imaginary idea generation and initial rough concept for small scale manufacturing. we provide these formulation documents to desirous clients all over world, so that they can themselves utilize the information to:

  1. Know and start search and research for product consumers and raw material suppliers.
  2. Start gathering information about best raw material Suppliers, machinery & equipment.
  3. Start receiving quotations from potential raw material  and machinery suppliers
  4. Analyzing possible production cost to check viability and market scope before full investment
  5. Evaluate  economics of overall activity and calculate  possible profitability
  6. Inquire about market position for proposed product to Know existing players in relevant field.
  7. To save them from blindly investing before starting commercial level production
  8.  Inquire about safety instructions and handling precautions of materials.
  9. Arrange expert’s supervision and guidance for manufacturing if required.
  10. Arrange practical training needed for self and staff if necessary
  11. Learn about local laws and regulations for handling/storage /sale and using of proposed raw materials and finished goods.
  12. Enquire about possible cost of land, machinery and built up area for actual production.
  13. Asses possible economics like investment in land, building, machines, raw materials, rate of return, & breakeven point.
  14.  Examine performance of their manufactured product before commercial production.
  15. Get their manufactured product validated, tested and certified by accredited authority before commercial production.


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