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  Doctrz products group is a manufacturing concern which owns Jaytee industrial research & Consultants (india) is a small scale product manufacturing and business start-up research organisation, situated in jammu and kashmir , India, with its Research and Development laboratory at Industrial Estate Rangreth srinagar and its Registered office at Main city centre of  Srinagar city.it has world class ISO 9001-2008 certified industrial research organisation.

jaytee industrial research and consultants (india) is reputed organisation which has emerged as most reliable industrial and business consultancy organisation, having its clientele across globe,due to its widest range of technology transfer documents, reports, books and CD`s.the technology transfer has been made easy and affordable by this organisation for common people around globe, as the same is being provided at lowest prices and instantly online .The reports, books, and documents have been kept available in e-formats for easy download from its websites, or readily receivable as email attachment to email of client.Clients can opt for CD version or Print-out copy of any report or formulation document on additional processing and postage(shipment cost) and receive the same through indian post or as shipment through courier company to their desired address.
           Jaytee industrial research and consultants(india) is working under Dr javid Ahmad Dar (Ph.D), CEO and founder of reputed manufacturing company, and has received several awards at state level, national and international level for his services to industries.
            The technology transfer stuff like technical know-how reports, formulation documents and industrial project reports have been kept ready in electronic formats for ready download and in CD form and CD-Roms of pre-feasibility project reports as bundles have been kept ready for consultants, government departments,  technology transfer conpanies, skill development institutions, and vocational training providing institutes.
            jaytee industrial research and consultants india has formulations and technical know-how stuff, some of which has been prepared by us, however we have acquired stuff from technicians, experts, existing manufacturers, consultants, entrepreneurs, research studies, technology books, raw materials manufacturing companies, raw material  technical papers,and detailed techno-economic project reports and internet Etc. Clients can re-evaluate and re-examine the stuff and taking experts advice to check final worth of the technology transfer stuff,before going for actual production or set-up.
Thousands of successful new and existing entrepreneurs, technicians, formulators, manufacturers and companies have been benefited through its services and technology transfer stuff.
we provide Small Scale Product Development Technology Transfer Through fallowing modules:
a)  Formulation cum manufacturing process e-Document files
b) Technical Know-How eReports for particular  product making.
c) Formulations eBooks on particular product line manufacturing.
d) Industrial and business pre-feasibility project reports
Our aim for providing technology transfer stuff is employment generation, skill development ,and we play our maximum possible role in starting small scale industry set-up in all countries of world for collective benefit of mankind and global social well being.but the immediate aim is to provide idea to our client as initial idea generation with our stuff so that clients  can themselves utilize our information to:

Know and start search and research for raw material needed.
Start gathering information about best raw material Suppliers near them.
start receiving quotations from potential raw material suppliers
Start analyzing possible production cost to check viability and market scope.
Check  possibility for economics of overall activity.
Analyze possible profitability
Inquire about market position for proposed product.
Know existing players of the relevant field.
To save themselves from blindly investing  before business is started commercially.
Inquire about safety instructions and handling precautions of materials ,machines and equipment.
Arrange experts supervision and guidance for manufacturing
Inquire for training needed to the staff.
Learn about  local laws and regulations for handling/storage /sale  and using of proposed raw materials and finished goods.
Enquire about possible cost of  land , machinery and built up area for actual production and start-up
Know possible economics like investment, rate of return, & break-even    provide initial idea for setting up of manufacturing enterprises 
we have kept best world class secure payment processing options available for our clients, PAYPAL is available for our clients who are from countries other than india, and Cc-avenue is for indian clients,
for All formulations and processes provided by us are non-patented and general thumb rules ,we provide all technical information to the best of our knowledge and believe the same is worth for our clients, but the actual requirements, specifications and conditions at clients ends are beyond our control, so client needs to ensure, all purchases made with us are wisely chosen as we do not have any refund policy, clients need to evaluate and check worth of our stuff at their end before going for actual production.

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